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How to improve customer retention and word of mouth referral for increased profitability in your business.

Hello and welcome!

If you’re new to Your Iconic Brand, welcome! I’m Ali Cudby, the company Founder and your spirit guide to cultivating loyal, engaged customers.

Here’s a little secret…

All business owners are some level of stuck. ALL of them – all the time. From independent small business owners to corporate giants – no matter how big, no matter how successful, we’re all looking to get better at what we do.

Here’s another secret…

Any business can Become Iconic.

Iconic Brands understand that engaged customers are the fastest path to success. Customers are the heart of your business. When your people feel seen, heard and valued – they want more. When you marry that feeling with smart, consistent systems for action, your company can Become Iconic.

So what’s stopping you?

Maybe you’ve bought into some of the myths about Iconic Brands. LIke the myth that only big companies with huge marketing budgets can Become Iconic.

Maybe you haven’t found that secret sauce that cuts through the clutter and gives customers a consistent emotional connection to what you offer.

Or perhaps you simply lack a system.

At Your Iconic Brand we have a proven three-step system for growth. The system is a combination of the building blocks from my experience as a Wharton MBA, working with companies from The New York Times Company to Animal Planet TV Network, as well as a global roster of clients. It’s the system I’ve used to build my own businesses.

The work we do here is designed to build your business for sustained, long-term success.

If you want a transactional business…if you’re not ready to develop engaged, loyal customers…this probably isn’t the place for you.

If you want to build and scale a business for the long-term…


If you want a business that grows profitably and stands the test of time…


…then let’s get started.

Step 1

Build Your Foundations & Process


The first step to create an Iconic Brand is being crystal clear about your business. Who you are and who you serve, what you offer and what you want, where you’re going and why you’re going there.

These foundational questions sound simple, but they’re not.

Too often, I see small business owners (and big businesses, for that sake) without business clarity. They waste time and money. They buy inventory that doesn’t sell. They use marketing language that doesn’t attract the right people to their business. They create a business environment where employees feel frustrated, unappreciated or even confused.

The result?

They end up with lower sales, higher marketing costs, and way too much turnover.

Getting your Foundations and Processes in order now saves you time, energy, effort – and money – in the long run.


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Step 2

Customer Retention

customer retention

In Step Two you’ll focus on enhancing the relationship – and profitability – from your existing customers.

A lot of businesses are great at offering a wonderful experience to customers who are actively engaging with their businesses IN THAT MOMENT. In fact, they pride themselves on it!

“I provide a top-notch customer experience,” is something I hear all the time.

And that’s great.

But do you have an effective, consistent system to take the relationship deeper and increase revenue per customer?

A lot of business owners know it costs 7X MORE to gain a new customer vs. serve an existing customer. Here’s some more food for thought…if you can improve customer retention by just 5%, profits grow by anywhere from 25% to 100%. That’s a lot of bang for the retention buck!

Questions to consider:

  • How do you get customers to come back again and again?
  • How are you shortening the cycle-time between purchase events?
  • How are you making customers feel seen, heard and valued when they’re NOT in the business with you?
  • How are you articulating and rewarding loyalty and VIPs?
  • How are you making sure employees are also an engaged, satisfied customer segment?

Without those elements in place, you’re shortchanging everyone. Customers don’t get the full value of your products and services. Employees don’t get to build the ultimate relationships with your customers.

And you?? Well, you’re leaving money on the table.

Worse, you’re leaving highly profitable money on the table because you’ve already attracted these folks to your business – and enticing new customers to you is the hardest part.

Enhance your relationship with existing customers and watch profits soar!

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Step 3

Scale & Grow

scale and grow

Now you’re cooking!

Your business has a clear, consistent voice. Your team and your messaging are all in sync with your mission and your goals. You’re creating deeper, more engaged and highly profitable relationships with your customers. Everything is looking up!

It’s time for Step Three – Scale and Grow.

  • Create programs to increase referrals from existing customers.
  • Optimize your marketing to bring new customers into your world.
  • Align your internal systems for growth.

Attract the next set of loyal customers who will spend more, purchase faster and refer like crazy.

Remember those goals from Step 1?

THIS is you make them happen and turn a vision for the business into your new reality.

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Ready to create YOUR Iconic Brand?