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Keep Your Customers

Getting new customers is just the beginning. Boost revenue and relationships when you keep your customers for the long-term.

No matter how you bring in revenue, Keep Your Customers provides the key to growth.

Inspire your entire company. Follow the Keep Your Customers step-by-step plan to take action and get results.

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Is Your Company Set Up To Keep Your Customers? Answer a few questions and find out!

“We wanted to understand accurately the cost we were incurring with our ad campaign, the goal of which was to encourage a woman to visit our store and buy her first pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes.  It came to $8000, and we sold her a $500 pair, on average.  The second pair she bought from us, later in the season or the following one, cost us nothing.  Such an investment is obviously only worthwhile if the goal is to establish a long-term relationship with this new customer. That is why a wonderful customer experience and a product that does what we say it will, are the pillars of retail. As Ali Cudby illustrates so well, creating that experience is a business decision and a business opportunity. Whether you sell shoes, toothpaste or technology, you want your customers to keep buying, and Keep Your Customers will show you how. A terrific read!”
Stuart Weitzman, Shoe Guru

“Keep Your Customers” fits perfectly into the mission and growth plans of any brand that wants to keep its customers for life. In addition to providing a toolkit around purpose and vision, segmentation, and the importance of data, what I found particularly resonant for brands like Weight Watchers, Girls Scouts or the NFL, where I’ve had the pleasure of working, are her insights, tips and tools around establishing an emotional connection with customers and team members through celebration. She aptly recognizes this is the key to driving high word of mouth and repeat business and longevity of service.  Ali Cudby’s process is an actionable guide for any business leader aiming for best practices with their customers. If you want to keep your customers for the long-term, everyone in your company should read this book.”
Danny Boockvar, Former President, NFL Experience

“Our influence boils down to what we do and what we celebrate. Ali shows us how to influence thoughtfully and compassionately—all with the aim of creating strong relationships and solid businesses.”
Max Yoder, CEO of Lessonly and bestselling author of Do Better Work

“Ali Cudby has written a playbook for customer retention that is both entertaining and easy to implement. Whether you are working on your first startup or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Keep Your Customers provides actionable advice that can create noticeable improvements to your business. Every business leader should read this book.”
Katlyn Grasso, CEO and Founder of GenHERation