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A Surprising Byproduct of Customer Experience

Focusing on churn alone can lead companies to underestimate the negative impact of a bad customer experience. Turnover isn’t the only way a customer’s experience costs your company money.

Here’s A Common Customer Experience Problem – And How To Avoid It

When responsibility for customer retention is dispersed throughout a company it impacts revenue and relationships with existing customers, but it can also hurt sales efforts with new customers. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to combat these problems.

The Key to Customer Retention

I asked who was responsible for customer retention in his company. He looked startled by the question and replied, “Customer retention is everybody’s job!”

The idea that “everybody” is responsible for customer retention is a common belief, yet it’s fundamentally flawed. Worse, it can actually contribute to customer turnover.

How To Prevent Customer Churn

So you want to prevent customer churn? Consider these scenarios: Scenario#1 Picture a high-end jewelry store. Fine jewelry isn't purchased on any regular schedule, so the business doesn't always know when a customer wants to make a new purchase. Let's assume this...

Grow Your Business: 10 Great Tips

It’s easy to grow your business with a proven system. Here are ten effective ways to add profit to your small business with the customers you already have.

Ditch The Exit Interview – Consider This Instead

Ah, the joy of the exit interview. No matter why an employee leaves a company, it's an awkward experience. Most of the time, it's reasonable for employees to ask themselves if HR really wants to get meaningful feedback. After all, by the time someone is in the exit...

The Smart and Heart of Your Business

Combining the smart and heart of your business turns customer experiences from good to great. I was impressed. Although I had reserved the room at Hotel Erwin through an aggregator booking site, the hotel had followed up with an email. In my reply, I shared that we...

How Is Customer Information Like A Gun?

There's an old quote by the playwright Chekhov. It's not technically about customer information, but it could be. The quote goes something like this... "If you introduce a gun at the beginning of a play, it should be fired by the end." In other words, you must stay...

Steal This Idea for VIP Customers

How do you reward your VIP customers to drive loyalty and profitability? When I started dating my now-husband, the awesome and patient Joe, he was a confirmed Gap shopper. Nothing wrong with the Gap. Over time, as he became more senior at work, he decided to up his...

The One-Two Punch to Unleash Word Of Mouth Magic

Word of Mouth. It's that magic businesses strive to build. But how? Last night I went out for dinner to a nice steak place. I was...well, to be honest, I was a royal pain in the arse. See, I'm getting toward the end of Whole30. Have you heard of Whole30? It's 30 days...

How to Write The BEST Email

Email marketing is the most effective way to activate and retain existing customers – and entice them to come back to you faster. Here’s how to write the best email.

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10 Tips to Improve Customer Retention


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