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The One-Two Punch to Unleash Word Of Mouth Magic

Word of Mouth. It's that magic businesses strive to build. But how? Last night I went out for dinner to a nice steak place. I was...well, to be honest, I was a royal pain in the arse. See, I'm getting toward the end of Whole30. Have you heard of Whole30? It's 30 days...

Five Steps to Successful Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty is something Starbucks pays a lot of attention to, and so do I. As a loyal customer and member of their rewards program, I’ve always gotten a birthday giveaway from Starbucks every January (my birthday month). I love getting my annual freebie! Even if I’m not in a Starbucks groove of regular coffee drinking, come January, I’m psyched. I know I have a month to enjoy my birthday latte. For days, if not weeks, Starbucks will be on my radar screen until I get to the store to claim my freebie. I make a point of going, and every time I think to myself, “classy move, Starbucks.”

Customer Experience That Boosts Profitability

Creating an awesome customer experience is timeless. How you create that customer experience is not. The way you engage with customers to enhance their loyalty and bring them back to your business again and again is driven by trends. If you’re not careful, the who,...

How to Write The BEST Email

Email marketing is the most effective way to activate and retain existing customers – and entice them to come back to you faster. Here’s how to write the best email.